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1962 Corvette Facts

1962 Corvettes were produced from August 1961 through August 1962 with a total production of 14,531. All 1962 Corvettes were convertibles with over one-half receiving an auxiliary hardtop.

A. Engine displacement for 1962 increased from 283ci to 327ci. Dual-four barrel carburetors were not available. 1962 Corvettes could not be ordered with coves painted to contrast body color. This was the first model with rocker panel moldings. The conventional trunk design of the 1962 was the last until 1998. This was the last year for electric generators and solid rear axles. This was the first year to have tires with narrow whitewalls. The grill for 1962 was finished in black anodized, gold anodized, or gold anodized painted black.

B. Popular & Optional Engine Combinations were: 327ci, 340hp engine – 4,412 produced; 327ci, 360hp engine (fuel injection) – 1,918 produced; 327ci, 300hp engine – 3,294 produced.

C. RPO 687 included special front and rear shocks, air scoops/deflectors for front brakes and air scoops for rear brakes, metallic brake facings, finned brake drums with cooling fans, and quick-steering adaptor of which only 246 were produced.

D. 1962 Colors Were: Tuxedo Black, Fawn Beige, Roman Red, Ermine White, Almond Beige, Sateen Silver, and Honduras Maroon.

E. 1962 Corvettes were the last with a solid rear axle which marked the end of the Corvette’s first generation.

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