St. Bernard Parish
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St Bernard Church in Rockport, Indiana
St. Bernard Catholic Church in Rockport, Indiana

Returning to Masses at St. Bernard & St. Martin I Parishes

Weekday Mass Schedule – BEGINNING MAY 18
Tuesday @ 6:00 pm St. Bernard
Wednesday @ 8:00 am St. Bernard
Thursday @ 6:00 am St. Bernard & 6:00 pm St. Martin
Friday @ 8:00 am St. Bernard
Saturday – Vigil—5:00 pm St. Bernard
Sunday –7:30 am St. Bernard, 9:00 am St. Martin, 10:30 am St. Bernard.

YOU SHOULD STAY HOME if you are an Individual 65 and over,
as well as those of any age in high risk categories:
Per the CDC, “at-risk” health conditions include but are not limited to: high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, severe obesity, asthma, those whose immune system is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other
conditions requiring such therapy. -Catholic Diocese of Evansville, May 7, 2020
Bishop Siegel has extended the dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass
on Sundays and Holy Days until at least August 15, 2020.
As a result, nobody should return to Mass if they are not comfortable doing so.

A MASK IS ENCOURAGED AT MASS: Everyone is encouraged to bring their own facemasks and to wear them inside the church. A limited supply of masks will be available at the entry of church.

CHURCH ENTRANCE: You should enter the building at the main doors. Side door (at St. Bernard) will be locked. Please maintain a 6-foot distance from the family in front of you as you wait to enter the church. Families living in the same home are exempt from the 6-foot distance requirement. Families/individuals will be greeted at the door and directed to a specific seat till capacity has been met.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: With social distancing guidelines our capacity is estimated at 60 people +/- at St. Bernard and 30 people +/- at St. Martin. All attendees are required to be seated. Mass will not begin till everyone is seated. We will not be able to admit you for scheduled Masses if we have reached capacity.

PERSONAL SANITIZER: You are asked to bring your personal hand sanitizer. We suggest you use it once seated, prior to Communion, immediately after Communion, and once you return to your vehicle.

COMMUNION: At St. Bernard Communion will be brought to you. You are to leave your mask in place as you are approached for Communion. At St. Martin we are still undecided about how Communion will be distributed. We request all distributions be in your hand. To receive you should make a cup with your hands, the minister will then gently drop the host into your cupped hand. You lower your mask, consume the host and raise your mask before returning to your pew. We are not able to use Pyx at this time, therefore Communion is not available to be taken to those unable to attend Mass.

COLLECTION/TITHE: Your support of St. Bernard and St. Martin I and our many ministries is still needed. At St. Bernard collection will be collected like normal while at St. Martin there will be a basket at the entry/exit, and you should drop your contribution/envelope in the basket. If recent conditions have made it impossible to contribute, we understand. If you have been blessed with consistent income, we ask that you consider increasing your usual gift to help offset the deficit.

DISMISSAL: Will be by pew and at the direction of the usher. Out of respect and courtesy for all attending you are not to leave Mass prior to dismissal. Bulletins will be available at the door upon exit. At all times during exiting and going to vehicles we ask you (your family) maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from other persons.

Private prayer following Mass will not be possible so we may begin cleaning and sanitizing the building for the next scheduled Mass.

• The Sign of Peace continues to be omitted.
• Communion from the Chalice remains suspended.
• There are to be no social gathering before or after Mass, inside or outside.
• The Ushers will not take up a collection at St. Martin I. (Baskets will be placed at entry/exit).
• The Gifts will not be carried forward.
• There will not be a choir at any Mass.
• There will be no Missalettes/Hymnals available.
• The balcony is closed to the public (at St. Bernard).

The health of our St. Bernard & St. Martin I Parish families is our highest priority. These guidelines have been compiled with input and direction from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Joseph Siegel, Matt Miller (Director, Office of Worship, Diocese of Evansville), Father John Boeglin (Dean, East Deanery), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Governor Holcomb (State of Indiana), and the local health department.

If we are going to err, it will be on the side of caution. We ask you to respect and protect those that you encounter at Mass and on the St. Bernard & St. Martin I Campuses. There will be challenges and frustration as we work through the framework provided for your protection, now and in the future – we ask for your understanding, support, and prayers. God bless.

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