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Saint Bernard Catholic School exists to serve the academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of your child from pre-school to 8th Grade. It is fully accredited by the State of Indiana. The school offers your family an excellent opportunity to experience Christian education in action, as well as the finest education in the traditionally prescribed areas of language arts, math, science, social studies, and the arts.

Parent-Teacher Interaction

Education is a team effort. Frequent communication between school and home is vital to achieving educational goals. Phone calls and personal conferences are valuable means of furthering these goals and are strongly encouraged at Saint Bernard.

School Structure

The organizational structure of the K-8 program is traditional: self-contained classrooms with ability grouping in the middle school grades 6-8 for math/pre-Algebra/Algebra classes. We also have a part-time religion teacher solely dedicated to teaching our religion classes.


The curriculum of Saint Bernard Catholic School is consistent with curriculum endorsed for the State of Indiana. We continuously strive for alignment of our curriculum with the Indiana Academic Standards. All teachers are provided binders that contain information on current state standards as they apply to their subject areas, copies of which are available in the school office. Teachers use checklists to record when a standard is taught. During textbook adoption, teachers search for texts that enhance the teaching of state standards. The teaching staff discusses standards regularly in formal and informal settings.  Click here for more information.

Performance assessments

Students are annually evaluated using standardized tests, which provide assessments for the student’s progress and enable comparisons. Saint Bernard students generally surpass state averages by large margins.
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