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1962 Corvette Convertible Fuelie


327-360 hp FUELIE, 4 speed, numbers match, NCRS Top Flight winner, original Roman Red paint with black interior, hard top and black soft top. One of only 1,918 made with the 360 hp fuel injection option. The original motor has the correct Rochester injector unit, ram’s horn exhaust, and generator. Original T10 transmission, drum brakes, heater, Wonderbar radio, owner’s manual, restoration and NCRS documents included. Looks, runs and drives fantastic! Purchased from Streetside Classics in Phoenix, AZ.

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It’s not hard to find people who appreciate a first-generation Corvette, but this one transcends the casual enthusiasts by being one of the best collector cars around. This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette is one of only 1,918 with the 360 hp fuel injection option – and it’s still under the hood today. And as you dig deeper, you’re going to discover the high degree of originality that made this a Top Flight fuelie.

This is the final year for the C1, and it’s the sleekest design they made. The wide opening in the front grille, single color body, and aerodynamic ducktail rear give it a very sporty look. So it seems like the perfect car to have RPO 582 ordered – the high performance fuel-injected motor. It’s this lineage mixed with timeless style that makes this example so desirable. In fact, it has been treated with the right care so that it earned the NCRS Top Flight award. They viewed the Roman Red paint as original. That means it carries some of the imperfections Chevrolet was known to give them, but just like the pictures you see now, it really has a standout gloss and shine after all these decades. And the brightwork details are nice, too, with intricate wheel covers, full trim, and split bumpers front & rear. The total presentation shows great preservation to an upper echelon example of America’s sports car.

The red hardtop is a beautiful piece that makes this Corvette look like a sporty coupe. But we also love the look of the crisp black soft top against the bright red. And if that combo appeals to you, too, then the interior is something you’ll love. The black interior was judged original by the Top Flight committee, and it still carries a great preserved presentation today. The dash looks great; the door panels look untouched; and the Wonderbar AM radio is still cranking out the tunes! But more than just preserved, these first-gen Corvettes are great drivers. The steering has that thin and grippy feel that only came on the right cars of this era. Sitting behind this you get a great view of the full gauge package, including the tach. The full darkness of the black is broken up by plenty of nice brightwork especially around the heat/defrost controls, working clock, and manual transmission.

While the correct presentation inside and out already made this one a true collector, it’s what’s under the hood that keeps this Corvette a forever in-demand classic. This is an ideal year where it was the only time the first-generation had the larger 327 cubic-inch V8 with a fuel-injection option. That means there were only 1,918 C1 327 fuelies ever made. This original motor even has the correct Rochester injector unit. It’s presented with correct Corvette script valve covers, ram’s horn exhaust, and even the right generator. We have a full photo file showing a meticulous restoration on this very important motor. The high-power fuelie is best experienced with a manual transmission, and so this gives you full control with the original Borg Warner T10 four-speed. The overall driving experience is an engine that runs beautifully, gives a smart cackle from the twin tailpipes, and pulls through the gears like a freight train. So this is the Top Flight car still knows how to fly!


  • Manual Convertible Top
  • Removable Hard Top
  • Seatbelts (Front)
  • Fuel Injection
  • Vinyl Interior
  • Heat
  • Numbers Matching
  • AM Radio


  • Title Documentation
  • Restoration Photos
  • Maintenance Records



Roman Red




Borg Warner T10






Straight Axle





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