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Bible Study Pop Quiz Answers

For those that missed out on the answers to the Bible Study Pop Quiz answers, we have published them here:

1.  The 6th day
2.  The text read, “serpent” but original Hebrew gives us the image of a “leviathan”.
3.  His wife, his three sons and their wives
4.  Abram
5.  Laughter
6.  Joseph
7.  “I am”
8.  The Passover (angel of death)
9.  Forty years
10.  He struck the rock twice
11.  Jericho
12.  A scarlet cord tied in the window
13.  Tax, enslave, and take their land
14.  He was a shepherd
15.  Solomon (Schlomo)
16.  930 BC
17.  Josiah
18.  Jeremiah
19.  Babylon
20.  Daniel
21.  The Temple
22.  Esther
23.  The Maccabees
24.  Hanukkah (it burned for eight nights)
25.  The Gospel of Luke
26.  Cana of Galilee
27.  The fulfillment of the protoevangelion/Garden of Eden
28.  The incident with the tower of Babel
29.  Three days and he was chosen because he wasn’t “stuck in park”
30.  Four Steps
31.  Island of Patmos
32.  Matthias
33.  3,000
34.  John
35.  Matthew, Mark, Luke

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