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Catholic Mission Adventure

For the Catholic parishes of St. Bernard of Rockport, St. Martin of Chrisney, and St. John Chrysostom of New Boston, it seems good things come in threes.  Our youth group is composed of three churches, and we serve the three distinct units of the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  Keeping with the theme, this June we plan on attending our third annual mission trip.  From the experiences we have gained through mission trips organized by the Catholic Heart Workcamp in Toledo, Ohio, and Mishawaka, Indiana, we believe we have the knowledge, ability, and calling to lead a similar mission trip here in Spencer County.

As we look back upon the previous mission trips, our youth group, comprised of approximately 40 teenagers, would agree that spending the week performing service for other people was more rewarding, worthwhile, and enjoyable than any other activity we did throughout the summer.  As Catholics, we are called to live the Beatitudes, which are eight basic statements taught by Jesus that we should all strive to follow.  During the week of service, we lived the Beatitudes by clothing the naked, comforting the poor, and giving food to the hungry.

Two summers ago, I volunteered at a community center that provided free clothing, food, and shelter to low-income families.  Upon entering the building, which was a converted Catholic church about the size of St. Bernard’s Church, I was shocked by the donations that were piled up in a manner similar to TLC’s show “Hoarders:  Buried Alive.”  As a teenage male who cringes when ordered to fold laundry at home, I did not feel “divinely called” to sort through the mounds of “treasures.”  However, I was quickly humbled to discover the positive impact I was able to generate upon the impoverished community.

With the same spirit, we believe we can have a positive impact here in our local community of Spencer County.  From June 2nd through the 7th, St. Bernard Catholic Church in Rockport will act as our base camp as we attempt to revitalize the communities and homes of the elderly, disabled, and people who cannot afford basic repairs.  Like the mission trips we attended over the previous summers, we plan to host our own “Catholic Mission Adventure,” or CMA (not to be confused with the Country Music Awards!).  Along with the service projects and interactive activities, there will be praise through music, Mass, Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, and other religious services to enhance each participant’s religious spirit.  The Catholic Mission Adventure is open to incoming high school freshmen through seniors in college.  Although we are close to home, everyone who commits to our Catholic Mission Adventure will stay at St. Bernard Parish the entire week in order to ensure that the maximum experience is had by all.

We are expecting to have approximately 50 teenagers share in the week of service and religious growth.  But remember, the mission trip is not only the youth’s, or not only the Catholic Parish’s, but the entire county’s mission trip.  We require prayers, financial donations, hard work, and plenty of faith to make our project a success.  By investing in our mission trip, you are investing in the enhancement of our community and the spiritual awareness of our Parishes’ Youth.  As we begin our monthly meetings in preparation of our Catholic Mission Adventure, and as we begin scheduling projects for our week of service, if you are in need of a few volunteers to paint, landscape, or do other basic work, or if you would like to simply make a monetary donation, please contact St. Bernard by phone at 812-649-4811, or send requests and donations to:

St. Bernard Parish
Attn: Catholic Mission Adventure
547 Elm Street
Rockport, IN  47635

Your prayers and other donations are greatly appreciated as we attempt to prepare for our service project to benefit our local communities.

Thank you,
Kyle Varble

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