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Lent: A Time to Approach our Loving Father

When most people think of Lent, they often have an impression in their heads of a time of sadness, gloominess, and emptiness.  After all, how could “giving things up” or simplifying our lives be in any way fun and exciting?  It sounds like so much thankless and cheerless hard work, doesn’t it?

And yet, how many times have I heard people say that Lent is their favorite season of the Church year?  Many!  Why is this?  The world of course tells us that it is only through taking things and gathering things that we will find happiness, but when it comes down to it, this just isn’t true.  It isn’t in the grasping that we find fullness, but in the letting go.

A friend of mine, who is now in formation to be a Little Sister of the Poor, once told me how freeing it was to live poverty.  She was a young lady fully immersed in the world, and worried about taking a promise of poverty and the scariness of not owning and possessing anything.  She was surprised to find that not only was it not as bad as she expected, it was far more joyful than the anxiety she had over guarding, protecting, and managing worldly cares and possessions.  She felt freer than she ever had before in her life.

But free to do what?  To love.  To love others.  To even love the self.  But most importantly, to love God and to be loved by Him who is our Father.  St. Therese of Lisieux, also known as The Little Flower, had some great, simple wisdom to share with us on this.  She once said that when she died and finally met God, she wanted to have empty hands so that she could fully embrace Him and receive all the gifts that He wanted to give her.  It is the same with us today.  Let us spend this Lent emptying our hands and our hearts of earthly concerns and focus on the One who loves us and wishes to embrace us!

Christ’s peace this holy season,

+Fr. Chris

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